Also known as, it is a place much like Am I hot or in that it is a site where users post their photos and visitors or other users rate them on a 1-10 scale.

What is different about FTJ, when compared to hot or not is that FTJ is more GTKYesque. There is a place where users can provide their screen names, a brief description of themselves, their turn ons, and their turn offs.

The site provides a look into lives of the users with the forum and articles that pertain to its youth-based user group. The current article is on Goth-subculture and how Missouri is trying to destroy it.

The site features a Top 5 list, basic and advanced search features (depending on if you pay or not), games, chat, and the afore mentioned forum.

All in all I have deemed it a better site to pick up chicks with, especially over hot or not. And worth investigating if you're young and lonely.