A virtual world/virtual community brought online in Oct. 1995. Conecived by Jim Bumgardner of HexEdit fame, this 2-D (or some would 2ay, 2 1/2-D) online world became very popular and garnered a large, dedicated user base.
Despite its popularity, the companies (various) owning the software and running the main servers and directory (individuals could start their own servers!) never quite figured out how to make money on it. As a result, the last owner, Communities.com, dropped the servers and support of the porduct like an anvil late in 2000 (despite their assurances that it would survive at least until Jan. 2001).
Bitter users rallied and formed their own support structures, directories and alliances. Since individuals could start their own server, The Palace still exists today as a wholly 'grass roots' supported collection of worlds.
Those interested in The Palace should browse to http://www.palacetools.com , one of the front-runners of the Palace user's revolution.