Wednesday nights at the pool hall
Noir at the UC Theater
pasta alla carbonara
only for awhile, just a rebound thing
the boxes weren’t empty, we lied about their content
The cat has a double, we decided.
But she stuck to the shadows, and his effortlessness was well-rehearsed.
El Bobo and the infamous drive to Los Angeles
and anyway we were comfortable.
But we both know comfort is dangerous. Predication is not a condition, it’s a plea.
The boxes were half-piled but we lied about their content.
A wedding in Connecticut, your confession. Our swan song.
How do you let go when you love for the wrong reasons?
because I am like her and she is like me
The seven-fold cup of Kai Kosru--
Our labyrinth already repeats itself
the boxes are fully stacked, but now they are empty
I wish it didn’t take four months for the news to reach me. I wish our
goodbye wasn’t so silent. I wish there were room for what went unsaid. My memory, too, falters. I don’t know anymore where my dream ended and yours began. I don’t know what it was you became.