Song from the album Strangeways Here We Come by The Smiths. This is how you play it:

The chords for the "Girlfriend...." part, the first 4 lines are:

G    Gmaj7  C   D

For the "Do you really think..." part, 2 lines, the chords are:

Em   Em-D   C   C-D 

"A mocking and "controversial" single, this excellent though lightweight song is an example of Morrissey clearly laughing at those who consider him shocking. His unnecessarily journo-baiting flippancy about death in this song is hilarious in context as he gravely sings "I know - it's serious" before the intentionally foot-in-mouth "there were times when I could have murdered her".

Morrissey makes it remarkably easy for anyone to see he is provoking controversiality by placing "murdered" and "strangled" in quotes - probably why this song didn't actually cause much of a media ruckus when it was released as a single."

analysis by John Levon at, republished with kind permission.