A group of individuals who have chosen to work in one of many vocational or administrative fields with many occupational hazards and drawbacks, some of which are: being shot at, nuked, attacked with biological and chemical agents, sucked through jet intakes, bombed by terrorists and/or aircraft, hacked in half by rotor arcs, separated from one's friends and family, and generally looked down upon by the general populace of the country one is fighting for. Most of individuals work for less than minimum wage, inhabit communal living areas, and work shifts of undetermined length (i.e. working until the job is done). The sad fact is, almost all of these people are citizens of their home country, or are working so that they may be. They know not what a weekend or holiday is. Christmas is not a sacred thing within the ranks. You see your family when your commanding officer says you may. All this so that -your- family can sleep at night and that your rights are protected.

bigd, standing the 0000-0800 watch, NAF Atsugi, Japan