If you thought this was a Forrest Gump node, I apologize, because it is not.

Late in November, 1954, a stony meteorite about 4 Kg in mass crashed through the roof of the house of a Mrs. Hodges in Sylacauga, Alabama, bruising her hand and buttock but not otherwise injuring her.

The date is variously given as November 28 or November 30, 1954. Mrs Hodges's name appears in different accounts as Mrs. Hewlett Hodges, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Hodges, Mrs. Annie Hodges, and Mrs. E. Hewlett Hodges.

One account says tactfully that the meteorite bounced off her radio and struck Mrs. Hodges 'on the leg'. One source says that Mrs. Hodges's house is located 'across from the Comet movie theater'.

I recall reading about this in Life magazine when I was a kid. This mental image has stuck in my mind ever since then. Unfortunately.