The new way of converting A-level results into a point score (being used for the first time Summer 2002) the UCAS tariff is a system that has caused much confusion in its short lifetime. The tariff is used by universities as a requirement for entry - for instance you could be offered a place on a course that required 220 points from up to 18 units.

Your score is calculated based on the grade and the level of qualification. The main ways to score points are:-
A-level - A=120 points, B=100, C=80, D=60, E=40
AS-level - A=60, B=50, C=40, D=30, E=20
Key skills - Level 4=40, 3=30, 2=20

Generally target scores are set by Universities from a maximum number of units. An A-level is 6 units and an AS-level 3.

The new system was introduced as it is "more representative of achievement" and "so it can include Scottish and more vocational qualifications" (from

For reference purposes, the old system was 10 points for an 'A' at A-level, 8=B, 6=C, 4=D and 2=E. At AS-level, these scores were halved (A=5, B=4,.... E=1)