I have never daylogged before, nor do I intend to make a habit of it. That's why I have a LiveJournal. Today just happened to inspire a lot of cogitation in me, so I thought it might inspire it in one or two of y'all.

A little background is necessary, although necessarily vague due to the sensitive nature of this situation. I worked. I was fired. It was, to many minds, unjust, and it may also have been illegal.

You can trust me on that or not.

Anyway, today I was called by a former coworker of mine, a man who departed the workforce under similarly questionable circumstances. He caught wind of my situation, and he made me an interesting offer; he wants me to join him in taking legal action against our former employer for their bad business practices and (so he says) illegal treatment of us. The reward would probably be unemployment benefits and compensation for the time since my firing that I would have been working.

I am philosophically and ethically torn. On the one hand, I believe that some of the laws which my employers are alleged to have broken are unjust in the first place (I am libertarian). I am also a firm believer in TANSTAAFL, which would seem to preempt demanding (or even accepting) money because I feel I was fired unjustly. I risk hypocrisy by going ahead with this and at the same time maintaining my belief that employment is (and ought to be) at-will on both sides. I told this guy that he could forward the details of my firing to his lawyer, who will apparently be contacting me at some point in the near future. We'll see how this goes from there. I would at least love to stick it to these asshole staff members, whom the customers and lower-ranked employees hate for a variety of other reasons anyway.