Last night, I had a very strange dream that I'm very afraid of.

First, for the part that really happened. A week ago, my girlfriend of less than a month broke up with me. I shouldn't be angry, and I am not. However, when she broke up with me, one of my other friends was going to get revenge on me, and I've continued to think that this was it, and there is still a small part of me that thinks that she wants to get together again. So, that's where I'm coming from.

The dream started out like a normal day at school and such. We had just finished lunch, and had only one more period until the end of the day: this period was french. During french, she didn't say anything to me, though she did glance in my direction a couple of times. After class, when I was walking out of the classroom and ready to go home, she pulls me aside and tells me that she has something important that she has to tell me.

Quite simply, she tells me that breaking up with me was the other person's revenge, that she really did want to get back together, and that she thinks of us as more than just good friends. I, being ecstatic because she had just told me what I had wanted to hear for over a week, agreed. Things seemed great.

Then I woke up. My dad was calling me for breakfast. This dream was in the front of my mind, and I couldn't get it out. Things went downhill very quickly, because I soon realized that this had been a dream, and not real life.

That's the end of my story. The part that scares me more than anything is that I do not have many dreams, and dreams are supposed to predict what will soon happen. If this is true, then my mind is picking up hints of things that I do not notice consciously. Although this dream would explain many of the problems with this entire episode that I have had, I cannot help but doubt that it will ever happen.