As a student of Chinese, you might find your lessons somewhat lacking when it comes to good old everyday cursing. Here is some supplementary material that should set you on your way to cursing off your friend's Chinese mother in no time:

Single Words

  • cao4 = fuck (wo3 cao4 for an exclamation)
  • bi1 = cunt/pussy
  • shi3 = shit (for use only as a noun)
  • wang2 ba1 dan4 = bastard ("tortoise egg" is the literal translation)
The following are words for penis:
  • ji1 ji1 ("chicken chicken")
  • niu2 niu2 ("cow cow")
  • bian1 zi4 ("whip")

Common Combinations

  • cao4 ni3 ma1 .de bi1 = fuck your mom's pussy
  • qu4 ta1 ma1 .de bi1 = go his mother's pussy
  • cao4 ni3 da4 ye2 = fuck your uncle
  • sha3 bi1 = stupid cunt

Granted, this is not the most colorful of all languages when it comes to cursing, but rattle off a few of these lines and you will become, without a doubt, the coolest person in your Chinese class.