HUMO is an independant progressive Belgian magazine. The articles vary from politics, political scandals, culture to media.

HUMO has a strong opinion without being patronizing.

They have a very good rock-section. HUMO and the radiostation Studio Brussel were the first to promote bands like dEUS, hooverphonic, soulwax and novastar. They also are an important sponsor of the biggest Belgian rock events: Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop.

They publish work and editorials from Flemish and Dutch writers/poets (eg. Herman Brusselmans, Hugo Claus, Jan Mulder, Hugo Matthysen, Kees van Kooten, Arnon Grunberg and Tom Lanoye).

But what REALLY makes HUMO - HUMO are the great cartoons from belgian artist kamagurka which are absolutely fabulous !

Too bad most of you can't appreciate HUMO as it is written in Dutch :-)

  • (includes excellent english material)
  • (includes excellent english material)