Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 53

In martial sports I had my cunning tried, 
   And yet to break more staves did me address, 
   While, with the people's shouts, I must confess, 
Youth, luck, and praise even filled my veins with pride; 
When Cupid, having me, his slave, descride 
   In Mars's livery prancing in the press, 
   What now, Sir Fool! said he, (I would no less:) 
Look here, I say! I looked, and Stella spied, 
   Who, hard by, made a window send forth light. 
My heart then quaked, then dazzled were mine eyes, 
One hand forgot to rule, the other to fight, 
Nor trumpets sound I heard, nor friendly cries: 
   My foe came on, and beat the air for me, 
   Till that her blush taught me my shame to see.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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