Astrophil and Stella

Song 3

If Orpheus' voice had force to breath such music's love
Through pores of senseles trees, as it could make them move;
If stones good measure danced, the Theban walls to build
To cadence of the tunes which Amphion's lyre did yield;
More cause a like effect at leastwise bringeth:
O stones, O trees, learn hearing, - Stella singeth. 

If love might sweeten so a boy of shepherd brood,
To make a lizard dull, to taste love's dainty food;
If eagle fierce could so in Grecian maid delight,
As her eyes were his light, her death his endless night,
Earth gave that love; heaven, I trow, love refineth,
O birds, O beasts, look love: lo Stella shineth. 

The beasts, birds, stones, and trees feel this, and, feeling, love;
And if the trees nor stones stir not the same to prove,
Nor beasts nor birds do come unto this blessed gaze,
Know that small love is quick, and great love doth amaze;
They are amazed, but you with reason armed,
O eyes, O ears of men, how you are charmed!
Sir Philip Sidney

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