Cats VS. Buttered Toast, An Epic Battle.

I wish to present a new twist to the "cat with buttered toast tied to it's back" theory.

As you have probably all heard before, cats ALWAYS land on their feet, and toast ALWAYS lands buttered side down. So what would happen if you were to tie a piece of buttered toast to a cat's back, with the buttered side facing up, and proceed to drop both cat and toast? Some speculate that both the toast and the cat would levitate above the ground.

My theory is simple. The cat will eventually land on it's feet. Simply because while the cat is levitating, it will begin to grow hungry. Sooner or later, the cat will discover the tasty treat that has been strapped to it's back, and in it's state of extreme hunger, will quickly devour the toast. Being as limber as cats are, it will have little trouble attaining this goal. When the toast is no longer a factor, the cat will fall back to Earth, and land safely on its feet.

Although I do not believe in tormenting cats, it would be an interesting experiment to carry out.