I gaze out of my window and see a world of cold greyness. The cloudy sky, the frigid temperature, the ominous feeling of dreariness and lonliness. This view portraits my feelings with remarkable accuracy.

For all of those who spent Valentine's Day alone like me, these feelings I just described are probably still fresh in your minds from yesterday's holiday.

To add to our misery was the avalanche of advertisement after advertisement for the one day out of the year that is made for love. It was as if being alone wasn't enough, they felt we had to endure the pain of seeing happy couples making the most of the day.

My situation is slightly less painful than being completely alone, but I do sympathize with those who are because previous to this year, I have spent countless Valentine's Days quite alone. My girlfriend who means everything to me had to go away this weekend to visit a college. This left me stranded all by myself to wallow in my lonliness.

Thankfully, this dreadful day has passed, so for all of those who were like me and were very much alone yesterday, we have 364 days to plan for the next Valentine's Day.