"Finity's End" is the most recent novel set in the "Company" series by prolific science fiction author C.J. Cherryh. The novel was first published in 1997 by Warner Books.

"Finity's End" is set towards the end of the Alliance/Union war. Even though the Mazianni Fleet is still lurking in the shadows, the Alliance and Union are actually moving towards peace. One of the main contributors to the peace effort is the Merchanter ship Finity's End, one of the oldest and most respected Merchanters. Its Captain, James Robert Neihart, who already played a significant role in the development of the political situation, now tries to unite the Merchanters to reduce the black market goods which support the Mazianni Fleet.

If neither of this makes sense to you, rest assured that this novel can easily be read without prior knowledge of the other books in the series. Even though it helps to have read at least "Downbelow Station" and some of the other Merchanter novels (such as "Tripoint" and "Merchanter's Luck"), it's not necessary to do so to enjoy the story.

Cherryh structures this novel around Fletcher Neihart, who also appeared in "Downbelow Station" as a young boy. In "Finity's End", Fletcher has grown up on Pell Station. His dreams of studying the native hisa, the only other intelligent life humanity has discovered, will not come true as his former ship, Finity's End, comes to claim him as one of their own. Initially against his will, Fletcher becomes part of a traditional Merchanter family-run ship.

In one sense, this is a classic coming of age story, told from the point of view of a rather bratty adolescent. At the same time, however, this novel describes some very intricate and interesting changes in the political situation of the Alliance/Union universe. All in all, this is an excellent and captivating read which can be enjoyed by long-time C.J. Cherryh fans and new readers alike. Recommended.