The plan was to go to a park for hiking today. As happens when a little too much family has been together a little too long, we took a long time getting out, and tempers were getting strained by the end of it.

I had been put in charge of finding something nearby that had everything we needed. I found the ideal choice, a place called Tree Hill, except that when we got there it was closed. Jack knew of another place called Hanna Park, which is correctly called Kathryn Abby Hanna Park. We picnicked, and let the kids play on the playground toys for a while, and then started hiking down some path without really knowing where it was going. For a while I had Amelia in the backpack, but after a while she got fixated on playing "pull daddy's hair" so we let her walk for a bit. We eventually came out on a road near the beach, so while most of us played on the beach, Jack and Bob (Ruth Anne's Dad) went and got the cars and came and got us. It was windy when we got to the beach, and by the time we left it was REALLY REALLY windy. It seemed like some momentous weather was going to ensue, but nothing interesting actually happened.

Bob's plane left this evening, and the rest of us leave tomorrow (at 6 AM and noon).

For dinner there's a big ol' hunk o' lamb, and some fancy salad involving Swiss Chard, for which I chopped onions and olives and garlic, and for which my fingers are going to smell like garlic for many days. Afterward, since the kids have watched Ice Age three nights running, I think we're going to watch my new copy of Monsters Inc..