nasreddin and atriumjake PUNK ROCK the NODE off

Today I find myself in a coffee shop on the East Side of Milwaukee. I hate coffee shops. However, this one is called Node. ‘Nuff said.

This is our mission statement and communiqué rolled into one, or something: For the next twenty-four hours, my friend Greg, and I will be having a node off, posting as many nodes as we can in a 24 hour span, as a protest against E2 sloth and lack of creativity that has become rampant within the two of us. We intend to both add as much positive content to the database as we can, while also reinvigorating our E2 careers.

We’ve had this idea for a while, dating back to our collective boredom in our high school Latin class, and our dreams of going to the library for the class period to write and post as many nodes as we could. After a few weeks worth of constant E2 related talk this eventually adapted to something more ambitious and daring, "Hey, why not just spend a whole day doing nothing but noding our collective asses off?"

Today I find myself in a coffee shop because it has free internet access and it is called Node. How crazy is that? Node. And that's what we're here to do. Node.

The rules are simple:

  • Node as much as possible
  • Node with as much quality as possible

At the end of the designated 24 hour period a winner will be decided thusly. Arrange all nodes in an order of reputation, from highest rep to lowest rep. Whoever has the most nodes in the top half of the list is declared the winner. Simple as that.

We make prior apologies for the copious amount of nodes we intent to create today. If by posting a new write-up we knock yours down in the New Write-ups Nodelet we are eternally sorry. Our noding for numbers is not what you may expect.

So this is our pseudo-Milwaukee nodermeet. Two guys doing what they love to do, something they somehow forgot all about it for a while. Here we go.