We've always been told that it's what's inside that counts, and not to 'judge a book by its cover' so to speak. And this is indeed a useful tip in life! Looks can always be misleading, and usually it is indeed what's inside that counts!

Opinions you hold can be quickly altered after closer inspection and interaction with the person or thing! In fact our perception of looks usually alters with time, based largely on the other characteristics of your subject matter

Brandl wrote:
"Be careful not to ‘judge a book by its cover.’ Just because a person can’t talk very well (or can’t walk or feed themselves or see or hear or whatever) doesn’t mean they can’t think."

How true... I mean look at Stephen Hawking!

Replies to other writeups:

"I've never read a good book that had a bad cover."
-- Mainly because books are rather expensive to print... it could be safely assumed that if someone spent a year of their life writing a book they will be willing to spend some time and/or money to outfit it with an attractive cover. Also, unless you are self-publishing your work, you will have a deal with a company which will print and distribute your book. In this day in age money makes the world go round, and I'm sure they will want a catchy cover at all cost, in order to boost sales as much as possible!

"What if it's an art or photography book? :P"
-- Uhhh, no comment :)

"as for CentrX's remark, I've seen a really good book on GNU/Linux-specific programming that had a really pitiful cover."
Geeks dont care much for eyecandy, do they?