If any of you out there in noderland get the sudden urge to download Windows XP Service Pack 2, I have one, very important word of advice for you:


A few weeks ago I decided it would be a fine idea to install Service Pack 2 on my machine at work. I figured, well, it increases security and all that, plus there are all these other great things Microsoft promised me like protection from nasty email attachments, more privacy while I web surf, reduction of those joyful pop-ups, women finding me sexier because I have the latest cool Windows stuff, and making me a candidate for being elected king of the world.

Well, not only am I not king of the world yet and women think I am even less sexy than before, it turns out I did not download a service pack. Oh no, I downloaded a demon from Microsoft HELL! This computer never once, not once froze up since my company purchased it from Dell in February 2003, until I installed Demon Pack 2 onto it. Then it decided to do it at least ten times a day. Sometimes it was while opening up a file in Photoshop, others it was simply opening up explorer.

Well today I'd decided I'd had it! I excorcised that evil Microsoft demon from my machine! (No, I didn't need a priest and a cross, I just went to Add/Remove Programs and banished that bitch from my system). Now everything is fine, back to normal, as it was. My computer is back, no longer being held hostage by Bill Gates' Beelzebub.

Remember, don't waste your time downloading Windows XP Service Pack 2. I can just about guarantee that you'll be uninstalling it later. Oh, and you might break your mouse like I did from slamming it after the fifth freeze-up in ten minutes. I must say, it's very annoying having to hit on the right side of my left clicker.

This has been a public service announcement from your friend artman2003. Thank you.