So, no shit, there I was.

(I apologize, for this will probably not as eloquent as it could be, considering that karma debt and mordel have been very good at getting me hammered - well, mostly KD.)

This has been quite an awesome weekend for me. I am so glad that I chose to come up to Eugene, Oregon. I wish RS was with me, and she wishes she was here. But she's glad that I am having such a good time, and I am. Auspice has also come by, along with a friend of hers, and both are super cool ladies. This town is about ten million times more cool and fun than Ofie. (Sorry, LaggedyAnne, you know it's true, our town is freaking boring.)

Eugene is like somebody took maybe the only cool city in Missouri, St. Louis, crushed it down to bite-size, and added about 30% more Interesting and Fun. Interesting (and tasty) places to eat, fun stuff to do. I swear I'd move here if I wasn't anchored in the Oaf. The weather here, at least right now, is stellar. You really couldn't ask for more perfect meteorology. They took me to a restaurant where almost everything on the menu was exotic and unfamiliar (to me). They took me to a vintage arcade place where there was free play of all kinds of pin ball machines and video games. Some of the pin ball machines were very old school - all the classic dings and clangs. I told passport on Facebook that he would have thought he'd died and gone to heaven. The strawberry picking this afternoon was surprisingly fun. I'd never thought berry picking could be so much fun. Those strawberries were epic. So red, beautiful, and so GET IN MY MOUTH! Red, puckered hands and good feels resulted from the picking. And this past evening we went to a gorgeous winery for a very cheesy, crackered dinner. We drank lots of wine and there was nothing to whine about.

But I want to talk more about these people. When inebriated I told mordel that I was stealing his wife, and I told kd that I was stealing her husband. (In a totally non-gay way of course.) I love these people. Not just because they have somehow depleted and pirated America's Awesome Reserve (AAR), but because they have literally saved my life, especially karma. They've been most generous hosts, I am so grateful that they have made this a weekend to remember. The only thing that sucks is that I cannot be here all the time and that when I leave tomorrow (well, technically, later today now) it's going to be a little sad. The hack flights here were hell, and the hack flights home I'm sure won't be any better, but heaven was in between.

This is one of those times I wish I was a much better wordsmith than I am. I want to use epic poetry of language to describe how freaking great these people are. They have both given me so much good advice on life and love. Even though I don't always listen and take the advice I know that they're right on principle and what they say is legit. But what they do show is their limitless caring and compassion and every human being should aspire to be more like them. I am blessed for having known them. I am alive partially because of them.

I haven't thought of a great way to end this, so, well, I'll just put this here: