It's a word that struck a minor fear into the heart of my wife. She had, until this morning, refused one; she'd heard that the odds of miscarriage with them was five percent. I know, I know, that seems high to me, too. But now my baby is almost thirty-seven weeks along and miscarraige wasn't really a risk at this point. Maybe getting stuck in the ass was, and that came close to happening, actually.

Yesterday, after measuring an alarmingly high blood pressure, the high risk pregnancy doctor, Dr. Griggs, sent my wife to Labor and Delivery at the ajoining hospital for observation. We were told if her BP did not improve, she'd be induced. This transformed into keeping here there overnight, and in the morning (this morning) they'd do an amnioscentisis and if testing on the amniotic fluid would prove that the baby's lungs were fully developed (or developed enough) they would induce labor (tonight). By the way, I slept at the hospital all night with her and was there for the test. My wife needs me now more than ever.

I watched the ultrasound monitor as the doctor put the needle in (he was watching it, too, of course). The baby kept moving toward it, the little stinker. The doctor said "No, no, baby, go back that way." Or something like that. It was a little scary, but slightly humorous at the same time. Don't worry, baby didn't get stuck.

So, anyway, I apologize for the brevity, but there is lots to do. I have to install a carseat, for one, sometime today. I didn't expect all this so soon, the baby was due August 22nd.

This my be my final node before my baby is born. The next one could be written by a father to a beautiful baby boy named Ryan. I just wanted to share that with you all.

Have a good weekend, everybody. Mine will probably be quite exciting and life-changing.