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On February 22, 2003, at 12:14 AM EST, I solved the rubik's cube.

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bah says re How to whistle: I could never ever whistle before - this taught me everything. Thanks! :-) Now i won't be known as the 'tard who can't whistle heh
witchiepoo says OMG AGAIN - I swear it is true but YOU just taught me how to whistle, I had a dream that someone taught me (it's in my last daylog - don't look, I just wanted to illustrate the point that this is BIG DEAL). Plus I am about to go on an interview, and now
witchiepoo says not only do I look cute as hell BUT I CAN WHISTLE NOW TOO! You rock!

Blue Bellied Lizard says re The Sleeping Gypsy: This is a perfect review. You truly understand Le Douanier. C!
arcanamundi says re The Sleeping Gypsy: beautiful

DyRE says re Dada: exccccccellent

blubelle says just read this which brought back tons of memories... remember the music video they made? I think the song was "believe" or something... i sadly remember most of the lyrics... anyway, have a nice day

grundoon says ****Smooch!****

In case I neededed an ego boost:

^Davion^ says You are an EXCELLENT noder. Really.
^Davion^ says I mean, your nodes are of an impressive quality and amount, and as you node you get better. Please, keep it up- and enrich the Database! Also, you're a nice guy for an arrogant son of a bitch ;)

CapSkippy sent me a very cool mixed cd. Check her out.

So the shrine to my first post had to go. In its place, until I think of something better, the proof that 2=1. Find the error and get a gold star! 18thCandidate has pointed me to several nodes on E2 that already write about this problem, and its solution. No more gold stars will be handed out. Seems that Everything2 really is about everything. /msg me if you want to know where to find the answer.

         X = Y
       X^2 = X*Y            Multiply both sides by X.
   X^2-Y^2 = X*Y-Y^2        Subtract Y^2 from both sides.
(X+Y)(X-Y) = Y(X-Y)         Factor both sides.
       X+Y = Y              Divide both sides by X-Y
        2Y = Y              Substitute X for Y, from the first step.
         2 = 1              Divide both sides by Y.

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