Well, this morning was almost enough to make me change my ways. First a little history though... not history from really far back though, just from last night. I've always loved cats and kittens, and have long said that it's my goal in life to become that crazy old man with 90 cats. Anyway, on a trip to various local barns to search for someplace to board her horses, my SO calls me and says "do you mind if I bring home a kitten?" Not one to do more than sit on the fence I said "Whatever you think." Well, needless to say she brought home a gorgeous little grey kitten home in a box (she looks very much like the Russian blue that was in the movie Cats and Dogs).

I woke up early this morning to find the little fleabag nestled beside me. Yes, it was quite adorable. She roamed around, scared my other two big *cough* tough cats a bit (they're not used to something new and small... the big one routinely beats up dogs, but is not sure what to do with something smaller than he is). Anyway, she sits on my SO in bed and pees! I didn't realize this of course until she sits up and sputters "she peed on me!" So much for sleeping in... 8am and I'm up and putting laundry in the washing machine and then heading into town.

We figured that because the litter box was pretty dirty and not filled with the sand that this as-yet-unnamed kitten is used to (we were using clear crystal things). So who gets to go and get more litter? You guessed it. Yours truly. The thing is, it didn't suck! I normally hate going into town... too busy, too many people, long line ups, and all sorts of things specifically designed to piss me off. At 8:30am on a Sunday morning though (especially in a town in the bible belt) there's no one around! I slowed down for maybe three lights, had one person in the line in front of me in the store, and all in all had a plesant experience. I ought to get up early more often.