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Life is like a can of spam. You know what you're going to get and it sucks.
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I generally go by the nick "Doctor Arcane". Some people think I named myself after the bad guy from Swamp Thing, but this incorrect. I chose the name "arcane" because I had often heard the word used in reference to command-line interfaces, technical details and generally things normal people don't wish to be bothered with. These are the sort of things which I find interesting. I also enjoy the strange and odd, hence "arcane". The "doctor" bit is simply because there will always be a couple of dozen arcanes running about, and I need a way to differentiate myself. As Ian Flemming said in Dr. No the title doctor indicates knowledge and demands respect. I'm not really sure I'm worthy of such a title, but "Mr Arcane" sounds moronic. "Lord Arcane" would make me sound like some sort of fruity goth or script kiddy.

I am a student at Northeastern University, located in Boston Massachusetts. I was originally a Computer Science major, but they tossed my ass out. It was mostly due to my failing calculus numerous times. Now I am a Philosophy major. An odd choice in the 21st century to be sure, but philosophy has always been one of my favorite subjects.

People ask questions like "What will you do for work?", I respond that plenty of people in the computer industry work with no degree, and some degree is better than no degree. If this fails I can sit around Harvard Square and argue with people for a dollar. There is a guy who already does that, but I'm sure we could arrange something.