The University of Tokyo, or Todai, is generally regarded as the most prestigious university in Japan. The main campus is at Hongo in Bunkyo-ku, and the campus for first and second year students is located in Meguro-ku.

The stereotypical Todai student is a short introverted boy wearing glasses who has grown up being pushed into expensive schools by their parents for their entire life, for the sole purpose of entering Todai. In reality there are a few students like that, but there more who seem perfectly normal.

Todai is also probably the richest university in Japan, receiving a huge percentage of the Ministry of Education's budget for universities, probably because most of the elite of the Japanese government are graduates of Todai.

To get to the main campus, take the Namboku line to Todaimae station (near the Faculty of Agriculture), the Marunouchi line to Hongo 3-chome station (Faculty of Economics), or the Chiyoda line to Nezu station (Engineering and Science). The Komaba campus is on the Keio Inokashira line's Komaba Todaimae station.

Often incorrectly called Tokyo University.