Boondogs is a roots/pop band that hails from Little Rock. Their 1997 independent debut, "Smarter Than Some", was a local success. While they technically fall under the category of "alt-country", their own slogan sums it up the best..."Roots Pop for Now People".

The band was discovered and attained it's current record deal through The Boondogs won the talent-search web site’s first contest, in which fellow musicians around the globe voted two Boondogs tracks ("Carbon or Gold," "40-Day Ahab") the best of a promising bunch and awarded the band the first record deal.

The members are Indy Grotto (singer/songwriter), Jason Weinheimer (singer/guitarist...and married to Indy), Chris Michaels (singer/bassist) and Dave Hoffpauir (drums). You can obtain a free promotional ep for a limited time by signing up at their website. This great little cd includes a fantastic cover of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" as well as a spanish version of "Luka".

On a side note, I have met and hung out with the group on a couple of occasions and they are very cool people. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes the "Americana" genre of music.