A certification endorsed by the CompTIA organization for information security professionals. Like other certifications from CompTIA, it provides a vendor-neutral overview of the field and certifies that a candidate has a basic understanding of the principles behind network security. Candidates are recommended by CompTIA to have already completed the A+ and Network+ certifications or have equivalent experience before attempting the examination.

The Security+ certification contains five domains:

  1. General Security Concepts
  2. Communication Security
  3. Infrastructure Security
  4. Basics of Cryptography
  5. Operational/Organizational Security

Attaining the Security+ certification requires the successful completion of one 100-question examination. A passing grade is a score of 764 on a scale from 100-900. The examination is offered in English and Japanese languages.

The Security+ certification is often used as a stepping stone to more advanced certifications, like the CISSP. It also serves as an elective for the MCSE certification.