The heir gets all
and the spare gets none
Oh what a pair
the heir and the spare

A not altogether complimentary collective nickname Fleet Street applies to the British Royal family's Prince William and Prince Henry (aka Prince Harry). When Prince William was born, it was assured the House of Windsor had a direct line to the throne after Prince Charles is crowned. However, accidents do happen and when Prince Harry was born, he was dubbed "the spare", the next in line should Prince William die or marry a divorced American woman.

Prince William himself has voiced concern about kingship, unsure if he wants to experience the pressure and glare that killed his mother and basically drove his father batty. Before her death, Diana sensed the heir's reluctance and joked that Prince William has been patiently waiting for the monarchy to be abolished. The spare, oddly enough, has indicated he would enjoy the responsibilities of kingship.

The nickname is not, however, unique to Prince William and Prince Harry. Through out history royal families have always tried to produce both an heir and a spare. Many crown princes were highly restricted in travel until they produced both an heir and a spare.