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a 55 pound bench anvil upon which i enjoy
thrusting my favorite crosspeen hammer, cushioned only by the
glow of a piece of stock at 2300 degrees coming out of my
farrier's forge. the clawhammer plunk of the 5-string banjo
is enough to a&.pull a jig or a contradance out of my feet. the mint-green glow of the CRT as i code til dawn on algorithmic robotics and a silly project named after america's favorite tuber, yams. long-live john hartford. a 20-knot thrill hanging o.n
to the padded handle of a mistral windsurfer in a breeze, or the perfect hike off a thistle with the chute pulling and the crew hanging on. if you're ever in New York, be sure to make it to the Blue Man Group show, "Tubes"..