Ogg Vorbis's name comprises the name of the File format (ogg) and the name of the stream format (vorbis for audio). The Ogg file format will soon (or not-so-soon, depending on how many developers this node attracts) feature support for:

Right now, ogg vorbis has these advantages over mp3:

  • A tagging system that is both well-thought out and extensible.
  • Support for concatenation of two streams without clicks or noise in between them.
  • Better audio quality at lower bitrates

Also, as ogg vorbis is in development, many of the drawbacks Lethal criticised above are no longer valid. The 1.0 Release Candidate 2 of the vorbis codec features (among other good things):

Plug-ins for just about any architecture and audio player are available - Even for QuickTime and for DirectShow (which enables Windows Media Player to play ogg vorbis files).
The ogg vorbis home page can be found at


  • http://www.vorbis.com
  • about half a year of reading vorbis@ and vorbis-dev@xiph.org
  • http://www.xiph.org