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I'm taking my first steps on the journey of learning the art of animation. It's very, very interesting stuff. It's much more of a bona fide art form than I expected, if that doesn't sound too...I don't know, something.

My cadre of close friends left for university this September, while I stayed and held down the fort. Hmm...strange days.

I think life is pretty funny. And scary. But mostly funny, and altogether a fortunate occurence.

I've been listening to a little jazz lately, mostly John Coltrane. I'm beginning to warm up to it. For a long time, the genre has been one of those things that I'd really thought I should be a fan of. Maybe it's mostly image-appeal, but there's also the fact that a lot of the music I've been into in the past few years has been inspired quite a bit by jazz (e.g. trip hop, downtempo, and more recently IDM), so I figure I should expose myself to it.

Things I suggest...

  • (look for Joe Paradise especially)