Disclaimer: This is not the usual anemotis style WU. Please don't hold me accountable for what I write in the wee hours of the morning.

Today was a Saturday, much like my other Saturdays, in that I woke up slowly. There were none of the sudden actions preceeding a jump out of bed, nor were there the wild capers and acrobatics that usually accompany my weekday mornings. No. . . today I had no place to be. I didn't set my alarm. Instead, I allowed myself to wake up when the light outside my window grew too intense, and even then, I rolled over and continued my slumbers for another hour and a half. I revelled in the warm security of my sheets until finally the urge to urinate clouded my dreams and my body rebelled.

I rolled out of bed, and walked across the room towards the door, catching out of the corner of my eye the reflection of my body in the mirror. I paused for a few seconds, turning a little to examine myself.
I liked what I saw.
My rather analytical thoughts followed thus:
"My skin is a little pale, and wants for the summer sun, but other than that it is unremarkable. There is a narrow line of a scar on one knee where I fell out of a tree as a child, and the faded reminder of a bruise I got while ice skating a few weeks ago, but other than that I remain remarkably untouched.

My feet are fairly normal looking, I suppose. . . for feet, and my legs aren't perfect, but they are mine. are my thighs a little large? *shrug* I guess not, though they probably could use a little work.

My hips and my butt aren't terrible I guess. (I was thinking this as I turned a little to the left, and then again when I looked down at my body to be sure).

I did note that I am skinny, and curiousity led to a tape measure that told me I have a 26 inch waist. . . I do wonder what everyone elses waist size is so I have something to compare to, but it isn't a big deal. My stomach muscles are well defined, probably more from the large amounts of singing that I do than from the few lazy situps that I guiltily do about once a week.

My breasts. . . Are actually not bad. I guess I am proud of them. They don't just lay there like some women's. . ."(I'm still grinning at the thought that I have perky breasts)

I ran to the restroom.

Because I didn't have to be at work until 5, I then decided that I should take a bath. I ran some hot water in the tub, lit a candle, threw in some classical music, added a few bubbles (because bubbles are fun), and crawled in. GOD IT FELT GOOD. I was lying there, enjoying the scents and sounds and the general feeling of well-being that thouroughly saturates your soul when you take a bath. My eyes were closed, and I had my head leaning against the back of the tub. Suddenly, the shower head dripped a long drizzle of cold water down one of my legs. shiver The combination of cold and hot was lethal to my relaxation, and I opened my eyes to blink in the direction of my knee.

The water was snaking it's way down my leg, leaving cold little dropplets of moisture in every pore. I washed the path out with my hand, and thought: My legs aren't bad looking at all!

I think the moment when I realized this was the moment I started feeling SEXY. The moment I realized that I was starting to feel sexy, I blew out the candle, and drained the tub.

All day today, I've been walking around wondering if other people can see my sexiness. . .and if they can. . . what then? Or, because I've realized that I am sexy (though I probably would deny it if asked) Does it increase how appealing I am?

Do I even want to deal with it?

Damn mirror.