Thoughts after the first Word Enchilada:

  2. No, seriously. I do want to improve this place and encourage my fellow noders to write more and write better. Quests seem like the natural way of doing this, and even I wasn’t sure this would turn out this good. I’m floored by the entries and ecstatic to see you all actually taking the time to write. I cannot thank you enough.
  3. As mentioned in the main node, Jams like these usually have a panel of judges to give feedback and hand out prizes, but I figure this would be too much work for such a silly thing, therefore the idea/rule of mutual feedback came to be. Even though it was writ a bit confusingly, you rose to the challenge and gave out honest feedback to your fellow noders. How did you feel about this? Should this rule be instituted in further Enchiladas?
  4. I think having a “Hard rule”—i.e. the prompt—and a “Soft rule”—the suggested nodetype—is a great way to add challenge for those who actually want to get into the spirit of writing with constraints. However, there’s potentially many other ways to add optional challenges, I’m open to hearing about them if you have any ideas.
  5. Yes, the whole first season is planned (but not locked), one per nodetype and one Xmas special1 but I don’t know whether that might be too much or too little for our Enchilada-hungry noders (?) Also, one per week might be too much, but once every two weeks sounds like a good mid point. What do you think?
  6. Related, would you like/take part on these if they had other time windows? (I’m thinking weekdays, or something similar)
  7. I will read these entries and hopefully work with Tem42 to pass rewards before the week ends.

  1. That will most likely come not on Xmas but times are fucked enough for me not to care.