Pseudonym of Sinesio García Hernández; born in Reyero, Spain 1897, died in Barcelona 1983; author, editor and one of the leading figures of the Spanish and Argentinian anarchist movement.

Raised in Argentina; studied in Madrid; imprisoned after the general strike of 1917; returned to Argentina in 1918; active in the anarcho-syndicalist Federación Obrera Regional Argentina (FORA) and editor of its newspaper La Protesta.

Representative of the FORA during the formation of the International Working Men's Association (IWMA) in Berlin 1922; went to Mexico to assist the Confederación General de Trabajadores (CGT) and then back to Argentina; expelled from Argentina, he returned to Spain in 1931 and became an active member of the Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI); editor of Tierra y Libertad and Tiempos Nuevos 1935-1936; secretary of the FAI in 1935; after July 19, 1936 he organized as a member of the Comité de Milicias Antifascistas the militias in Catalonia; Minister of Economy of Catalonia.

Returned to Argentina in 1939 and resumed his scholarly career; from 1977 back in Spain; author of ‘El organismo económico de la revolución' 1937 and many other books.