In today’s society, it’s hard to know what is accepted and what is not. So many people live on the thoughts and ideas of others, they feed from the knowledge and advice of the untrained friend. Who’s to say your friend’s advice is correct, there his thoughts and dreams, why can’t you have your own? Trust in your own judgement, you will live with yourself forever, you’re friend will live with himself forever. What will you do in 5 years time if your friend in gone? Shut down? Not think, not do, not live? Hibernate instead of ‘putting your foot in it’, die in a restless sleep instead of breathing the air, smelling the flowers, expressing your dreams – they count too. Don’t feed off the words of others, feed off the knowledge they provide. It’s good to listen to your friends but you also need to listen to yourself, what do you want?

Expression, to each it’s own. Not everyone will agree with your thoughts, but wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone did. It can be frustrating listening to people go on an on about things you think they don’t understand, listen, you may learn something new or hear something in a totally different light. ‘Knowledge is power’, the power to enable you to talk to other people about the knowledge you have gained. Don’t be afraid to disagree, your knowledge can help other people. Don’t fight, discuss. This is real life, not the rehearsal! So, it’s your choice ‘to be or not to be!’