Y'know which movie sucked major ballage: Being John Malkovitch.

It was worse than every cum spraying porn, every wax housed horror, every made-for-tv shite-fest, every fart joked kiddie flick, every dumb parody comedy, and every man cryin' drama ever made.

John Malkovitch cannot act. He cannot fuckin' act, do you hear me? HE CANNOT MOTHERFUCKIN' ACT, AND HE IS PAID TO FUCKING ACT. John Malkovitch has the approximate character of a plank. And not even a nice plank, but a plank composed entirely of plywood and crushed dreams.

And it is not just he that makes the film the worst film ever made. The premise is composed of ecstacy drug trips on the part of the director, and heroine induced fuckwit thought on the part of the writers.

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