*O'lis'bos, n.

Ancient Greek dildo made of soft leather or wood. Popular with women of antiquity. They're mentioned as early as the 3rd century BCE and the city of Miletus was famous for making fine olisboi, among other things, which its merchants traded around the Mediterranean. A play from those times begins with a woman asking a friend to lend her her prized olisbos. This text is fragmentary though and possibly part of Aristophanes' Thesmoforiazousae but I don't believe it's been positively dated or attributed. JudyT identifies the earliest reference as being in line 109 of Lysistrata.

The material they were made of required lubrication, for which purpose olive oil was commonly used. Obviously, being of wood or leather, they weren't up to modern comfort standards but given the disregard of many societies of the time toward a woman's needs, they were probably still better than Dear Hubby, judging by the demand for them.