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I'd like to see it made easier to treat an author's writeups as a "collective work". Any chance of making the "list author" page more navigable? What I would really like, is that when you are on the page for a specific writeup (not node) you could navigate backwards and forwards through that author's whole body of work with arrows on the top line... So I could just go through, for instance, Augustine's body of work in sequence without a mess of tabs and an indexing page.

This might prove a disincentive to asamothing, too, since old writeups wouldn't be sitting quite as much in isolation.

mauler says: I really like this idea, I wonder how hard it would be to implement...

alex sez: Probably not as simple as it sounds. Users have some writeups that form a logical sequence and many that do not. I'd expect that most writers would not want their writeups treated as a collective work. It also does not work for collaborations by multiple authors. An alternative would be to set up a "forward/backward" table in which a user can manually enter the preceding and following instalment of a writeup series, thus giving the user complete control over the feature and making it easier to detect gaps. I'm not sure that any other way of doing it would be useful or popular.