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mission drive within everything
Waiting until everything documents the sum total of all knowledge in the universe, and then piping it into Planet to avoid the great bloom catastrophe.
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, goths, not a goths, Nine Inch Nails, linux programming.
Hire Me, Dammit!
"Never get married, and never have kids." One of the most useful things I've learnt from my parents.
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GNOME Breakout
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Archetypical Geek In Black, also possibly a geek/hippy/goth cross. But don't call him a goth, because he isn't one. Just because he wears black, favours dark electronical/industrial music, and socialises with alot of goths doesn't make him one. Probably also a not a goth.

Currently has Nine Inch Nails and VNV Nation on repeat. Also, is hacking on GNOME Breakout, and wasting his limited net access on everything 2.