comp.lang.perl.misc is a Usenet newsgroup that superseded comp.lang.perl. As its name might suggest, the group is devoted to discussions of the Perl programming language, especially those that aren't about modules, aren't about PerlTk, and aren't especially confined by a sense of topic. In practice, posters fall into two groups. The first group consists of newbies offering plaintive cries for help on problems that they have not sufficiently thought through or researched. The needs of this group are met, if you can call it that, by a second group of profoundly experienced and wise Perl users, who respond with vigorous cries to read the FAQ, to post real code instead of conjectural twaddle, to follow quotations with answers rather than the reverse "Jeopardy" format, and to remain silent and learn one's craft. Occasionally, this second group will even hand out answers, although they delight in refining them for their own amusement via Perl Golf and Perl Bowling. Most of the time, though, this second group hangs out on comp.lang.perl.moderated, where its members discuss weighty Perl matters in relative quiet.