The Chainsaw Vigilante is a character from The Tick comic book. He first appears in issue #9 of the original series.

He is distinguished mostly by his chainsaw, but also by the rectangular smiley face mask he wears along with the words "Kick Yourself" sewn on the back of his jacket. In addition he wears an upside down smiley face pin.

He is neither superhero nor supervillain but is simply tired of "idiots playing pajama-police in his neighborhood". Though he has no super-powers exactly, he does have a large chainsaw that he apparently purchased from Sears & Roebuck, a large supply of acrobatic skills and swarthy alliteration and rhymes.

He first appears by defeating and humuliating the Civic Minded Five. He then scares the bejesus out of Arthur in issue #10, but is unceremoniously thrown through the window of a 1981 Mercury Bobcat Villager by The Tick. He runs away shouting insults such as "Go Suck Eggs." He doesn't return for many years...

He returns briefly in The Tick and Arthur #5 and arrives with dangerous vengeance wrapped in a package in #6, where he proceeds to cause a ruckus involving bees. When the christmas tree turns out to be an evil tree monster, the chainsaw vigilante utters the famous line: "Plan, I don't need a plan, I've got a chainsaw." He cuts the trees to kindling and disrobes their leader. He again makes the streets safe for common people and leaves with these last words, "Get Bent".

He sort of tangles with The Tick again in The Tick's Big Mother's Day Special where he defeats Dupli-Tick, one of the Tick's children. He leaves unfulfilled, off to stalk another hero, never realizing that he has yet to defeat The Tick.