Likely the most famous arcade racing game developed, Out Run was revolutionary in its day for:

  • branching paths
  • smooth, crisp parallex scrolling
  • user-selectable background music
  • its innovative, moving sit-in cabinet.

    As with most of the breakthrough arcade games of the 80's, Out Run (in addition to its cabinet) was designed by Yu Suzuki and his AM2 team.

    The original score to Out Run was composed by Yu Suzuki, the game's designer, and is comprised of four pieces:

  • Magical Sound Shower
  • Passing Breeze
  • Splash Wave
  • Last Wave

    The first three tunes were independantly selectable at the start of any new game, were around five minutes in length, and ranged from bossa nova to latiny synth-pop. Last Wave was the high score theme and a different take on the melody from Splash Wave.