The setting for the Phantasy Star RPG series, Algol consists of three major planets around a star not unlike our own. The planets, in original order from the sun, are as follows:

  • Motavia -- a barren, desert planet, home to the Motavians, a furry, squat, beaked species.
  • Palma -- the languid, temparate middle planet, home to the human-like Palmans.
  • Dezolis -- the desolate, ice-encrusted outer planet. Populated by the cranky, elongated, green-skined Dezolans.

    There is, however, a mysterious fourth satellite to the system -- Rykros, the invisible planet. In addition to its inherent inperceptability, the planet is also in such a far orbit from the star and from the other planets that it only crosses nearby once every thousand years or so.

    For more information, see Phantasy Star on the Master System, Phantasy Star 2 and 4 on the Sega Genesis, and the upcoming Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast.