Talent can be a weird thing to think about. I think the accepted definition of talent assumes that the act already exists, which can be depressing.

Consider Mozart. Everyone knows (at least us highly educated everythingers) that Mozart was a musical genius. He was able to sit down and write symphonies in one sitting. He just understood music completely (go read about him; or don't). Archetype would have it that he was born with all of the genes that would make him a "musical genius."

The weird part of it: what if music (as we know it) had not been invented yet when Mozart lived? If this were the case, Mozart (assuming that he only had the "musical genius" genes and they could not function in any other way except for music) would not have any talent at all, for his forte would not have existed.

What this means is that I could have a talent that would make me the happiest and richest man alive, but the thing that I would apply my talent to has not been invented yet. And unless my talent involves inventing things, I will probably have to live my life working a boring 9-5 job and die unhappy. All of this because my special talent that would make me happy cannot be applied to anything.