Today I finally opened up to him.
A task that had seemed so daunting, so herculean in effort all this while was reduced to a walk in the park once the first words escaped my mouth.

Lets face it, my dad and I have never been close to each other. Being in a boarding school for the major part of my school life meant that we spent very little time together. During my vacations a fledgling business kept him occupied till the wee hours of the morning further ensuring that we spent the minimum time together. Though my dad did try bonding with me during my high-school years it was too little, too late, with the experience leaving us both embittered. By this time friends took greater priority as they had always been there unlike my parents..

But the situtation changed drastically when I joined college. I was suddenly surrounded by strangers most of whom were away from their homes for the first time in their life. The fact that I was an old hand when it came to this did'nt help me one bit in my struggle to make new friends. The saying - "Birds of a feather flock together" was never more true and I was struggling to cope.

With my self-confidence at an all time low and a sagging morale I just didnt know whom to turn to.
All my friends were away, not that anybody in my group could offer advice, much less understand the situation that I was in. That's when a voice deep down reminded me that dad was only a phone call away. And so with a heavy heart and a broken soul I dialled..

There have been times that I have shouted at you, cursed you and hated you from the very core of my heart for faults that now when I look back were more mine than yours. But you have always understood and never deserted me or given up on me. I just hope that someday I can get around to telling you what a great person you actually are.

Thank you for being there when ever I needed you.