A computer game published by Talonsoft. The advertisements play up the premise of the game as if it's something revolutionary. The main idea being that sometime in the early 20th Century a parallel universe/timeline branched off from our own in which the Russian Czar was murdered as part of a military coup, and then the Russian war machine set out to conquer Europe. The game is a first person shooter in which you play one of the few survivors of the Czar's family who was hidden away by loyalists within the Russian military industrial complex. With a lot of World War I era weaponry you fight with the alliance through a dozen or so missions of sabotage, assassination, and various rescue scenarios as the story is unfolded about your true identity and why you were hypnotized to forget it for your own protection.

The storyline is really cheesy. The emphasis placed on the parallel universe concept seems a bit unwarranted. But the gameplay is entertaining enough. The game is written by the same people who made Hidden and Dangerous, and thus anyone who has played that game will quickly recognize this game as one of its predecessors. You can see the same user interface concepts, they're just a bit rougher and less mature in this game. Driving tanks, flying airplanes, swimming, riding motorcycles, setting timebombs, and of course the mandatory "running around and shooting" all exist in this game. It's just a bit crude still in this particular incarnation.

Well worth the $10 I paid for it at Fry's, I think.