I wonder why.

Remeron is kicking my ass. Officially. Thoroughly. Irrevocably. I slept 18 hours last... can't quite say "night", now can I?

Zyprexa, paxil, zoloft, wellbutrin -- several varying doses, luvox, and now a combo of this and xanax for emergencies (as needed). I fully expect my next medication to be named Cenobyte.

I dreamed that I was a young man, and I had a young girlfriend and lived with another young man and his girlfriend. My gf was irritated at me for not doing the laundry, and I was attempting to mollify her with extended conversation... her birthday was in February. "I always thought it was kind of sexy to have a birthday in February." I'm pretty slick, in dreams.

Woke up today and spent the next five hours begging my boyfriend to reassure me that I was, in fact, awake.

Quite possibly I am not, despite his reassurances, and I am noding in my sleep. I beseech the gods to add a coda to the Everything FAQ: do not node while asleep.

Maybe I ought to have made this a dream log.


I love you. Don't stay up too late.