More herd on the jungle cruise:

Awwww.... look at those nice tigers, they're watching that sleeping zebra.

That's Bob our brass monkey, he's a funky monkey.

And now, the most dangerous part of this ride, civilization!

That's Trader Joe, he's got a special today, one of your heads for two of his. Its one heck of a deal, any way you slice it, you'll come out a head.

That's our tropical boa, he can grow up to weigh 5000lbs. and jump 25 ft. That's our Bangle Tiger, he can weigh up to 5000lbs. and jump up to 25 ft. That's.....

Awww, guys, guys, quiet down and listen, you're supposed to be on the right not the left, now turn around, hang your heads in shame, and duck for the next suckers, oops, did I say suckers... I meant tourists.

Now parents, have you ever wondered what your kids did when your not home, well its some major monkey business, and dad they got the car to turn over.