Well, it's been about 8 months sence my last write up. Damn, that was a while ago.
Lots have changed. I am now at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. (YEAHHHHH!!!!..... um, no.) Well, it's not so bad. I got a '66 Mustang an well, at the moment, it's lookin' at the Pearly White Gates until it gets into the shop. That'll be soon. Payday is 4 days away. (A real YEAHHHH!!!) No computer now, just mooching off my buddies until I can afford to build myself a clawhammer system. That'll be nice.

I can't believe how right I was in in October 10, 2001. Everything but he size of my bonus, but so far, I like it. And, I was REALLY right about the 6 weeks of hell, with a guy yelling at me in the write-up.

Now that I'm through it all, all I can do is relax, and bask in my own self-glory. Besides, thats all I own. ...and I'll node til the day i die...